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30-Day Devotional by Kylee Pittman

Ever wonder what God’s purpose for your life is, why it matters, and what’s holding you back from fulfilling it?

This 30-day devotional was written to inspire you to take a deeper dive into your relationship with God through Scripture, prayer, and breakthrough in order to live the life God designed for you. It does this through daily devotionals that are each a part of four steps:

1. Breakthrough – Finding freedom from the worry, fear, anxiety, and other things that are holding you back from living out God’s plan

2. Discovery – Leading you to find that God has a purpose for your life that can impact your own eternity and the eternity of others

3. Attainment – Encouraging you to intentionally step into that purpose, where you can live a fulfilled and joyful life

4. Expansion - Using your freedom and purpose to help others discover the same for themselves

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