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How it Started

What started as a love for reading the Bible and taking notes for myself turned into a blog during my college years in between cramming for exams. That's when I really discovered my love for writing, specifically about the Gospel. I then had multiple people, including my husband and mom, suggest writing a devotional. Through prayer and studying the Word, I started writing what became "Discovering Truth Daily". During the long process of learning how to self-publish a book, I felt God leading me to do it with excellence; thus, I created the Discover Truth brand. I am so excited for this journey and how God will use Discover Truth to bring encouragement, revelation, hope, joy, and life.

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About the Founder

I am Kylee Pittman, the founder of Discover Truth. I graduated from Texas A&M University in May 2020 and almost immediately started my career in the corporate world as a financial analyst. I am married to my high school sweetheart, Connor, and we have the sweetest pup named Skye. I love writing, speaking, watching reality TV, playing games (specifically winning said games), going on vacation (who doesn't?), walks with Skye, spending time with family + friends, and being in the sun. On Sundays, you can find me in the kids area of my home church, playing games, doing crafts, and teaching Bible stories.

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